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Hi, I'm Alisha. I'm so glad you've chosen to be apart of my Wellness journey. I've always had a passion for all things wellness and have great knowledge in these areas. I'd love to share what I know with you all.


This is a space I created after deciding MAMACHIC was no longer relevant to my life and if you've followed me from that journey I'm so happy to see you again!


Over the years I have gained so much knowledge in the food, beauty, fitness, health & fashion industries I found there is a connection between them all. That being...our health. You can't thrive in any of these areas without it. 


After becoming a mother I found myself skipping out on my health and consequently everyone in my life suffered from this. It affected my mood, weight, energy and being someone who prides themselves on over-all health, I was in a rut! I decided that I wanted to get myself back on track, to do this I didn't just want to do some fad diet. I wanted to educate myself to make healthy decisions from the inside out. This was when I studied Nutrition, Yoga, Naturopath & Aromatherapy Diplomas. I have been a qualified Beauty Therapist for almost 10 years also. 


So, now you know a little about me let's go on this beautiful journey together.  

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