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5 Tips, Tricks & Facts to help you through the first three months of motherhood

Motherhood is a scary place for a new mum. Well, it's a scary place for a second, third or fourth time mum. It does get easier but there are always new challenges with new little personalities. I've created a few things that helped me stay clear, calm and no so sleep deprived!

1. Let people know what you need.

When you have your baby you might just want to take a little time for your self and your new family so, don't be afraid to tell family & friends this. There is nothing worse than having crowds flood through your doors when you just aren't ready for it.

This also goes the other way, if you need friends and family to come over also tell them. The best part of having family and friends come around they most of the time will bring cooked meals and might even do a little cleaning for you! My advice about letting people come over, invite friends and family that know how to look after themselves when at your house. What I mean by this is, for example, they can get their own cup of tea, etc.

2. Sleep!

When ever you get a second to sleep do it, trust me! Don't stress about keeping a tidy home or making sure the kitchen is perfect because your sleep and sanity are worth more!

If you like to keep a tidy home invite your mother over to help out with that or even a bestie. I know this sounds a bit selfish but you are totally allowed to be in the first few months because it is HARD!


Get your babies sleeping routine down pat in the early weeks as this will save you! If you can predict when the baby sleeps you can plan your sleeping and the things you would like to get done during the day.

3. Me time

There is nothing more important than taking a little “me time”. Even if it's just having a shower without anyone around. Going and getting your nails done for 30mins. It is so important to get time on your own.

I remember when Liam was in those first three months, I don't think I got any time alone and I also don't think I left the house for the firsts seven weeks. I was a little insane, to say the least!

If you don't feel comfortable leaving bub for too long, leave him/her with dad/family member for 10mins and drink a HOT cup of coffee!

4. It’s okay not to be okay!

You see all those mums that look like they have their shit together, they actually brushed their hair and put makeup on. Yes, those three-month mothering unicorns! Simply, some people have different priorities and different lives! So don't beat yourself up if you walk out of the house with two different socks on and your shirt inside out, because that unicorn mama might just do that tomorrow. Remember that not every day is the same and I know right now you don't believe it, but you do get better at handling life with a child.

I remember so many people telling me “oh darling it will get easier!” But it doesn't get easier! You just get better at being a mum, as a mum you are constantly evolving and bettering yourself. You become better at handling yourself and handling life with your beautiful baby.


Pop bub in a bouncer just outside your shower so you can see them and jump in that shower! The relaxing noise of the shower will probably put bub to sleep anyway. A simple thing like having a shower will change your whole outlook on your day/night ahead, you will feel human again. We all know the two days no shower breast milk/formula smell all too well!

5. Get out of the house!

This one was a big one for me, I didn't leave the 1km radius of where I was living for a good six weeks! I was told not to drive as I had an emergency cesarean with complications. I didn't really feel like leaving at the time as well, it was a security blanket thing. I wish I did get out. My advice here is to get out, if you don't feel confident on your own ask a friend or do a little brunch on the weekend with hubby or friends.


If you're like I was and have a bit of a confidence issue getting out on your own, start in small increments. Head out for half an hour and increase by fifteen minutes each time.Write a list of what you think you might need when your out then revise.

Make an emergency kit for your car so you don't get caught out. For example extra clothes, nappies, wipes, and clean bottles.


#1 Crying and fussing usually peaks at around 6-8 weeks and starts to settle around 12-16 weeks.

#2 At two months colour differences are becoming clearer to your baby, and they start to distinguish between colours.

#3 At three months baby will be all smiles, pop baby infant of a mirror and he/she will be transfixed

#4 Singing nursery rhymes to the baby helps with speech development

#5 Tummy time can help your baby develop strong neck and shoulder muscles and promote motor skills. Tummy time can also prevent the back of your baby's head from developing flat spots.

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