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Changing your skincare with the seasons

Updated: Apr 10

Why should you change your skincare with the seasons? Well, it's just like you change your clothes or your workout routine.

You have to adapt your routine to protect your skin from the environment and to see change.

Personally, as the cooler months approach, I adapt to my ever-changing skin. The cool dry weather affects my psoriasis a lot. I get huge fare ups in the winter months of the year. Where in summer I protect as my skin doesn't need as much moisture as it does in winter. In spring I hit my skin with all the vitamins and minerals to get me through the summer.

A few tips on skin types and changing seasons


When it comes to your cleansing routine and you have a dry or combination skin type you should be picking up cleansers that are nourishing, Creams & Balms. This will ensure that you're not "stripping" your skin natural oil barrier.

If you have an oily skin type you want to head for the oil cleansers. The one rule with oily skin and cleansing is, "oil fights oil". It's as simple as taking it back to 8th grade since class oil and water will never work with each other. so if you want to balance and cleanse the excess oil away you need to use an oil-based cleanser. This will help restore balance without completely stripping you of the good stuff.


When it comes to masks dry skin will need a nourishing/hydrating mask where oily will need a balancing mask.


This autumn I want to try something a little different from my usual go-to creams considering the current climate with coronavirus and all the germs floating around. Kadee Botanicals has answered my call, this cream can be used on all skin types!

I couldn't go past a new cream this winter from Kadee Botanicals here's why;

1. Australian Kakadu Plum (highest source of Vitamin C which helps wake skin to create collagen and plump fine lines and wrinkles as well as fade age spots and dark shadows).

2. Australian Lilly Pilly - not just a tree in Australian gardens, Lilly Pilly is high in vitamin C, blocks UVB light and is an anti-inflammatory. It's also antimicrobial.

3. Jojoba Oil - rich in vitamin D and E, Jojoba oil is the most hydrating natural ingredient to protect against moisture loss and dryness.

4. Australian Lemon Myrtle - has a calming and relaxing scent while reducing inflammation, acne and repelling mosquitos (while soothing insect bites). It's also antimicrobial (which feels like a blessing in these times)

Oily Skin should feed their skin with a healthy balance of antimicrobial elements and balancing oils. This will help control the change in season acne flare-ups.

Where dry/combination should be enriching their skin with hydration, vitamins, and minerals to help control and seal in the moisture. This will prevent you from getting horrid itchy cracked feeling skin.


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