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Creative play - Paw Patrol Addition

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

I know I’m not alone when I say that I’ve probably part watched every Paw Patrol episode imaginable! So, you can defiantly say my son is a BIG fan of Paw Patrol! I really don’t mind that he is because of the nature of the show. He loves watching the pups work together, utilise each other skills and have a great time whilst doing it all.

So, when it comes to Paw Patrol toys I’m an even bigger fan. The reason being is that the toys aren’t just trucks or figurines. The team behind these toys have put a lot of thought into the functionality & playability of them. Each toy has the ability to spark imagination with different actions and transformations. Each toy can also work together by hooking, linking or attaching to be able to bring an episode to life right in front of your Childs eyes!

Lets start with the Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck, the fire truck that dose it all! This truck will keep your boys or girls entertained for hours! When Liam opened this up he absolutly lost his mind! He a big fan of Marshall and to see that Marshall was included inn the box was a plus! Once he had opened the box and I had done all the “adult stuff” for the toy to work, Liam started to discover all the little functions of the Fire Truck. Look Mummy! Look Mummy! Look Mummy! Was the sound track of the next half hour!

This Fire Truck is equipped with an extendable 2 ft. tall ladder, flashing lights and sounds – it’s ready for anything! To activate, simply lift and pull! The adventure begins with Marshall (figure included) in the lookout cab. Lift open the top to help Marshall leap into action! Using the water cannon launcher at the bottom of the cab, you can send up to three water cannons (included) flying into the fire! When Marshall needs a helping paw, there’s room for all six pups (not included) aboard this fire truck! With Skye behind the wheel and Zuma operating the water cannon at the back of the truck, Marshall can hop into the Mini Fire Cart! Stored inside the fire truck, the Mini Fire Cart rolls right into action! The Ultimate Fire Truck also features a mini fire hose for small missions. When you and Marshall spot a baby animal in trouble, use the extendable working claw arm to pick them up and lift them to safety. Take the pups on exciting new adventures with the Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck!

Next up is the Ride & Rescue Toys, this one is my personal favourite! Not only do the figurines sit and ride in the truck but the trucks transform into a play scenario! Woohoo a two for one deal! Haha! In the play scenarios are little figures and playful rescue equipment. The ride and rescue toys are also the best travel companion, because they are compact and can transform from one toy to another. So, this means you, yes you, get to have a HOT coffee in peace with your best mum pal! This means Mr/Miss 3+ will be entertained for at least half hour…boom, toy revolution!

Liam has the Race to adventure in Marshall’s Ride ‘n’ Rescue! This PAW Patrol fire truck that opens up, transforming into an action-packed play set! Your child can unbox their Ride ‘n’ Rescue, and unfold to discover a scene straight out of PAW Patrol. The barn is on fire; Chickaletta is stuck; and Teddy is caught behind a fire! With three rescue missions to complete, it’s Marshall to the rescue! Place the collectible Marshal figure (included) in the mission control centre and load the water cannon projectiles (included) into the launcher. Aim and launch the water cannons straight into the flames, putting out the fire. Next, place Marshall on the ladder and use it to rescue Chickaletta. Finally, help Marshall use the smaller water cannon to put out the fire and save Teddy. Close up the play set, put Marshall in the driver’s seat and use the working wheels to race to the next adventure! Open up an action-packed world of play with Marshalls Ride ‘n’ Rescue 2-in-1 Play set!

Ultimate Rescue Mini Vehicle are the simpler toys of the bunch but for good reason. These rescue trucks can interact with each other for the ultimate Paw Patrol themed game. These is also a great hand bag toy! Small enough to fit in your bag but big enough to spark imagination and joy in your child.

Liam loves Rocky just as much any other pup, Don’t lose it, reuse it!

Go on an Ultimate Rescue with Rocky’s Mini Crane! Featuring real working treads, a moving crane arm and realistic detailing, this crane vehicle brings the action-packed world of Adventure Bay to life! With Rocky (figure included) in the driver’s seat, your child can use their imagination to create all kinds of Ultimate Rescue Missions for this daring pup. For even more exciting missions, combine and play with any of the PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Vehicles! The Mini Crane easily attaches to any Ultimate Rescue Vehicle – the PAW Patrol is on a roll! When your child completes their mission, they can get creative using the bonus collector guide and colouring page! For hours of Ultimate Rescue play, dig in with Rocky’s Mini Crane!

So, if you’re wanting to park a little imagination in your child I am a big fan of the Paw Patrol toys and give them the tick of approval! You can see a full review of the Paw Patrol toys from myself and two (insert names and instagram handles here) other incredible mums please visit the Mumtastic round table review (Link Here).

If you would like more information please visit www.pawpatrol.com

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