Essential oils for dry skin

When we hear of essential oils our mind often travels to a pleasant smelling room or the recent hype - am I right? Hi, my name is Maria and I am here to chat with you about one of the ancient and first uses of essential oils, cosmetics and ointments. Interestingly enough my reason for embarking on this eye opening journey was my son’s eczema and overall skin sensitivities. Since then my love for these gifts of nature has grown and I have gone to study Aromatherapy.

First and foremost we must always do our research behind the companies of oils of which we use, especially if they are to be applied topically whilst also remembering to dilute the oils before applying to prevent any unwanted reactions. Lastly, the famous less is more rule definitely applies here!

Pure essential oils and their uses can be loads of fun as they can assist you in many ways, from emotional support to my fav DIY skincare! Making serums is totally my jam and I love to gift them!

During winter most of us experience dry, flaky and dehydrated skin. I love to whip up a simple serum of equal parts Rosehip & Jojoba Oil, around 15 drops Frankincense, 5 Lavender and 5 Geranium. These three oils are known to have anti-inflammatory & regenerative properties. The carrier oils in this serum help to balance out our sebum levels and they are easily absorbed. I’m not a fan of an oily face! You can make this in a 15 ml roller bottle or reuse a serum container too!

So do yourself a favour and have a little play around. Remember to always use the highest and purest ingredients you can afford for the best results. Our skin is our largest organ after all so we must not neglect it.

Love & light,

Maria xo


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