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Five thoughts to a better outlook ​

When you’re at your wits end and just can’t function because you are just so over everything, everything you are thinking is negative and you can’t get out of your negative rut. You need to step away and re-evaluate your thinking. Everything you are feeling and thinking is because you have been doing the same thing and thinking the some thing over and over. 

When I’m in this negative space it takes me to get to my absolute worst to realise that I’ve been acting like an absolute brat! I’m the type of person that within my relationship I bottle thinkings up, obviously this isn’t healthy. But it’s just how I’ve always been but recently I had an explosion and I felt truly sorry for my partner for the six months worth of emotions spilling out. I must say he took it very well. He was very rational in his response and could see I had been hurting silently, but most of what I was upset about wasn’t even his fault. This is why I love the man, he truly loves me and all of my emotions.

Today I realised that my emotions are in my control and I need to put myself first at times and express my feelings more. I feel when you become a mother you lose a little bit of yourself because you convert all the self love to loving your baby. Then you sill have to save up enough for your partner at the end of the day. This is sometimes a big ask, when your toddler has tested your patients & pushed you to your limits. Then sucks you back in with a cute cheeky laugh or a kiss & a hug. How could you not give all your love to that beautiful little child! 

So in the past few days I’ve been making it my soul purpose to be happy with no moods or out bursts. Here are my five steps to a better mood, a better mother & better person.

1. Take a breath 

This is sometimes harder then you think! Being able to stop your thoughts of negativity and just breathing. (Article on breathing coming soon)

Breath in for ten counts and breath in for ten counts, repeat this three times. By doing this exercise it will let your emotions settle and your rational thought takeover. 

2. Remove yourself from the space

This maybe putting Bub in the pram and going for a walk just to get out of the four walls you have been in all day.

If you are losing your cool and Bub is losing his/her cool pop Bub in the cot and just take a few moments. Bub will be fine, this will save you from losing it by just removing yourself from the situation.

3. Give yourself time 

Set yourself a time each week when you can go do something on your own for yourself. Go get your nails done or just take a walk on your own but make sure you have time to collect your thoughts and become still.

4. Surround yourself with positive people

Surround yourself with a positive mum tribe and rid your self of the mood drainers. You can’t let the mood and negative thoughts of people affect you. This one might be hard if you have been friends with someone for a long time but they just drain you of everything you have, these people you have to let go. 

5. Surround yourself with mums that inspire you

Surrounding yourself with mums that encourage you to pursue aspirations and inspire you to be a better version of yourself. I love to surround myself with motivated people because it pushes me to be positive and to stay motivated. 

If you’re wanting to eat healthy and work out find a mum that does this or is wanting to improve their health as well. It’s much easier to achieve goals if someone is their to inspire and encourage you along the way. 

I’ve been implementing these five steps into my day to day life and is has made me a better mother, better partner & a better self.

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