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Get organised in four easy steps​​


To-do lists are a no-brainer! Buy yourself a to-do list that can be stuck to the fridge. If it’s one that is purely in a list format or a Monday to Friday they do the job. But I find the Monday to Friday lists easier to plan my week. You can pop in little reminders and jobs that need to be done on each day. Even simple things like “Monday, dancing @ 3.30pm” or “Friday, Drinks with the girls @ 7.30pm” it all helps make you feel you’ve got your life in order!

You can buy cheap to-do lists from K-Mart of kiki-k.


Creating routines works well in conjunction with the lists, you will need a little helping hand at the start to keep reminding yourself of the “routine”. This can be as simple as every Monday, Wednesday & Friday you put the washing on. If you create routines for the little things the wont quite literally pile up on you!


It’s as simple as starting with cleaning out the dreaded plastic cupboard and then work your way around the house. Label jars and containers so you know what’s in them. Go through your wardrobe and donate things you no longer wear. Do the same with the kids for with their clothes & toys and show them giving to others in need is something they can do for their community.


Just like that, make a start now, when you have an item in your hand put it away now. This will help keep things clear and clean. Create habits, for example when the kettle is boiling wipe the benches down or check the sugar and tea is topped up. By multitasking you can get more things done and leave yourself with more time to do the things you love.

Following these 4 steps above will make a really positive start for you to creating some organisation in your home.  



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