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Get Zen! 10 Tips to Bring more Zen into your life.

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Fitting Zen into your life can be hard but I have ten simple tips to making Zen happen.

What is “Zen”?

Don’t get lost in all the missed translations of the meaning of Zen. Zen is the pinnacle of spiritual awakening. Zen is like yin and yang in the way that Zen completes itself being nothing yet everything, empty and full, beginning & end. Zen means a lot of things but the one thing that speaks to me most in my life is experiencing fully the present and enchantment in the basic miracle of life. Zen is pretty deep so hold on and be open minded.

#1 Meditation Time

Cooking and cleaning takes up so much of your day, why not make this the time to practice mindfulness. If you apply all of your thoughts into these tasks without distraction (with kids this can be hard but distract them with something for this time) this can be a form of meditation.

#2 Less is More

Don’t fill your day jam packed full of tasks this will cloud your mind and tire you out.

#3 Do Things Completely

Do all things with full concentration and mindfulness avoid any distractions for example your phone. If you put your mind completely onto a task, Eating is a great example, as a mother you don’t sit and eat very often. So sitting down and eating with purpose will stop you from grazing during the day. 

#4 Do One Thing at a Time

Completing one thing at a time will help you with all on the above tips. Always complete a task before moving to the next.

#5 Rituals

Develop your daily routine so they become rituals. Set a different ritual for different times of the day, this gives the task purpose.

#6 Time

Devote a time of day to yourself. This is the most important tip to a more zen life. You need to devote at least 5 minutes per day to just sit in silence to clear your mind. This is also the most difficult tip to achieve as it takes practice to train your brain to switch off.

#7 Be Kind

Smiling and being kind to others because you want to not because you have to, this is helping to improve the lives of others around you. Try doing charity work, volunteering or simply smiling at others as you walk by. 

#8 Health & Happiness

Live your life simply with the things that are only necessary. If they don’t improve your health or happiness you don’t need them. Keep things simple and uncluttered with all things in your life.

#9 Your Space

Making your home more Zen is quite simple when choosing colours for your room stick to earthy colours. Make sure you have plenty of natural light if you have limited natural light try using lighting that is yellow not white or blue. Keep your decorations and clutter to a minimum (this might be a bit hard with kids’ toys in family spaces, try with your bedroom). Remove electronics from your sleeping spaces and reading room. Add earthy scents to your home that are fresh and calming. Lastly add some live plants to your spaces. The plants will filter pollution from your home.

#10 Zen 7 foods diet

If you are having trouble losing weight or would like a healthier diet this one’s for you!

Wipe packaged foods from your diet and add these seven foods: fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein, lean calcium, beans, nuts and good fats. Limit alcohol and caffeine, no sugary drinks only freshly squeezed or blended juice or smoothies.


Zen is a way of life and will take some getting used to, so give it some time. Eliminating tech from your bedroom will improve your relationship with your significant other and you will enjoy family time. Making your home less cluttered with help you get organised and more efficient. Being more aware of the people in the world around you will make you a better person. Adding Zen into your life will leave you feeling both empty and full.

Live Zen

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