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Low Sugar Breakfast Cereals

Cereal, (dun, dun, dunnnn) most people worst enemy when trying to lose weight. Simply because there is hidden sugar. Most people don’t even check the nutrition label simply because it can be hard to understand and a little confusing at times. Not to mention the tricky sales jargon on the front on the box, that’s a whinge for another day!

Let's start with spotting hidden sugar. Any cereal with dried fruit you will be finding a lot more sugar. Why do you ask? Well, when it comes to drying fruit most companies add things like apple juice to the drying process to sweeten the fruit. This makes the fruits sugar content spike. You are better off adding your own dried fruit that has been naturally dried or keep it fresh.

When you see the work cluster be sure to read how these “clusters” have been clustered. Some cheaper cereals cluster again with fruit juice and glucose syrup.

Look, most companies will add sugar, they just can’t help themselves! We just need to spot the hidden extras. By spotting the hidden extras you will help reduce the amount of sugar you eat for the first meal of the day. The reason why is your already adding your own sugar to the cereal. You’re adding sugar through your milk and whatever you choose to top your cereal with.

Let’s quickly touch on natural sugar. If you see a company using honey, maple syrup or rice malt syrup just to name a few this will add sugar. But, these are not “bad” sugars. These are “natural” sugars and your body can consume them in a healthy way. Natural sugars in most cases will give you a steady energy increase without a big sugar crash. Where artificial sugar will give you a big sugar spike and an even bigger crash.

So, I’ve come prepared, locked and loaded with some cereals you can buy at the supermarket that are low in sugar.

Special K has recently released a Lower Sugar cereal with less than 4g of sugar per serve, this is a pass in my opinion. I’ve tried it and it's so good!

Freedom Foods Prebiotic Maple Almond Clusters, I’m a big fan of Freedom Food they have been paving the way with whole food cereals for a while now. This yummy cereal has a little more sugar because of the maple clusters, sugar sitting at 4.3g per serve.

Be Natural, Breakfast Cereal, Whole Grain Mini Bites Original. A great cereal for babes that like to add your own toppings. The sugar content is 3.9 per serve.


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