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Sneaky Ways to Add More Wholegrain into Your Families Diet

We all no I love to get the most out of my boys food and eating habits. Of course I let them enjoy a donut every now and them. But, when I'm going the cooking for them I try and add as much goodness in and remove the not so good out. Here are a few Sneaky swap you can find in the grocery store.


Baking is probably the easiest area of "swaps". It's as simple as buying wholegrain flour instead of white bleached flour. You can take it a step further and use almond or oat flour but that takes a little adjustments in your recipes. Where wholegrain flour is a straight swap.


When buying bread don't fall for the buzz words, multigrain, mix grain or Wholemeal. You need to look for the word 'Wholegrain' even then you'll need to check as some brands sneak in some white flour as a filler. The bread I found with the least about of filler flour is Abbotts Village Bakery Grainy Wholemeal. Liam doesn't mind this at all, its just convincing the hubby!


Messy Monkeys from freedom food are my favourite on the go snack for Liam. He loves them! All the snacks from freedom foods I'd definitely recommend. most of which are found in the health food isle.

A good one completely free of flours all together is Veggie straws from Majans. These are in the chip isle. A great healthy snack.


If your little monkey is a fan of coco pops ect, they'll love XO crunch from you guessed it from freedom foods. (I'm a big fan!). All of FF breakfast cereals are fabulous.

Weet-bix Blends Multi-grain+ Breakfast Cereal is also a great one not completely "clean" but still a great swap if your little one loves weet-bix.

An easy cheep one is oats and being winter a nice warm breakfast goes down a treat.

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