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Tech that helps you fall asleep & say asleep

When it comes to tech in the bedroom it's usually a big no no. But, when that tech can help you fall asleep and not only fall asleep but stay asleep we can make an exception.

The tech I'm about to introduce you to can track and help you get the most out of your sleep. Falling asleep can be a bit of a sensory journey for me and a part of my daily meditation. Let's face it when you're a parent your sleep time can sometimes be the only time to yourself and the most valuable if you ask me!

Lets start with adults

I have been using Withings for about three years now. Its been a journey to say the least. Whithings tech I must say is the best and the highest quality (in my opinion). I've had my Withings Aura for three years and I've loved it but unfortunately Withings had discontinued it. But, for good reason they have come up with bigger and better tech options for your sleep. Withings have ditched the lamp and kept the sleep analyser mat. Below is a break down of how it works.

Withings Sleep Analyser - Under-mattress sleep tracker

The Withings Sleep Analyser accurately collects data by the sensors, this is processed using exclusive algorithms that benefit from a decade of expertise in connected health.

Snoring detection, continuous heart rate tracking, tracks sleep cycles & gives you a easily understood sleep score. Your sleep score is made up from six meaningful indicators, duration, recovery, interruptions, regularity and time to sleep. This device is so precise it is now being used by professionals to diagnose sleep apnea. When 1 in 5 of us suffer from sleep apnea this is a great tool to have and to understanding your sleep and why you may not be getting enough restful sleep.

Withings Steel HR watch

I know what you're thinking how can a watch help me sleep? Well, the Steel HR is a powerful watch that rarely needs to charge and tracts your sleep. Just like the sleep analyser mat just not as much information in regards to snoring ect. The steel HR gives you a sleep score by tracking your heart rate. I really love this watch, to read more about its fitness related tech subscribe to the blog. Fitness tech blog set to go live 27th of May.

This ones not exactly "tech" but will defiantly help you create a sleeping ritual if you're trying to set you're self up for a healthier sleep pattern. The Vitruvi Diffuser, this gorgeous stone diffusers are not just beautiful but they use only pure essential oils. Essential oils are a great way to calm the nervous system, thus helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. Vitruvi have specific scents for sleep and many other things so I encourage you to check them out!

Dodow, now this little device you may not have heard of. This cute little device has taken practices of monks into a sleep tech device. I love the theory behind this one and could see this being huge the sleep tech world. It's so simple yet so affective. The device works by beaming a blue light on to your roof also including sleep sound.

How it works;

  • By breathing long enough at the Dodow rhythm (6 respirations per minute), you stimulate the baroreflex, a small physiological mechanism that restores the balance of the autonomic nervous system. Thus, you will quickly pass from the alert state (activation of the sympathetic nervous system) to the resting state (activation of the parasympathetic nervous system), the same condition which you are in during digestion: slightly drowsy.

  • Synchronising your breathing to a light pulse at a slow and steady rhythm has a hypnotic effect (the phenomenon is similar to watching a pendulum). Thus, after a few minutes you are able to let go and sleep.

Now let's talk children

There is only one sleep device in my opinion that truely works and helps your child fall and stay asleep and that is Glow Dreaming

How does the glow dreamer work?

NASA Technology - used to stimulate the bodies melatonin production so your body knows its time to sleep.The also assists with the development of circadian rhythm helping your child develop a healthy non-habit-forming relationship with sleep.

Pink Noise - enhances brains activity associated with the deep phases of sleep, improving memory retention and focus as well as cognitive functions.

Cool mist technology - to help easy breathing, to prevent snoring, stop the spread of airborne viruses and maintain more even room temperature.

Both of my boys have used the glow dreaming device and its worked wonders. Especially when they are sick as you can put essential oils to ease breathing and help them through the night. Glow Dreaming have mindfully crafted essential oils for all needs that you can purchase with your device.


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