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You Don’t Need a Diet!

Girl, you don't need a diet. How man fad diets have you tried in your life and now you're here back a square on feeling like shit and hating on that beautiful body of yours. Well, I’m here to tell you, you can do it but you don’t need a diet to achieve your goals! What you need is a lifestyle change that will fit your needs and wants.

Now let's separate your needs from your wants. You need to eat well and fuel your body with whole foods, fruits & vegetables. This, in turn, will give you a healthier mind, boy & soul. A happier life, Yes? Then all you have to do is start small. I started with swapping refined flours for whole-grain flours. Simple right? Then you just work your way through your current unhealthy habits and swap them out for healthy alternatives. I have lots of recipes on the website that can help you through swap unhealthy foods out and the good stuff in.

You want to lose weight, fit into your clothes, feel more confident, still have a social life. These are all the mental/physical goals you’d like to achieve. How you ask, by changing up your eating habits you’ll see a physical difference but its the mental battles you face that are the hardest. This is where you need to give yourself a break! If your girlfriends ask you out and you have a few cocktails and a few two many tacos don’t feel bad or beat yourself up. You still have to live your life! Just make sure you get back on track after you boozy taco filled night out. Get enough sleep and drink all the water. Continue on your wellness lifestyle the next day. Look we all have fun, that's what life is about…enjoying yourself!

Your needs are definitely just as important as your wants. It's just all about balance. I know you're all probably so over hearing about “balance” but it’s the key to a healthy & happy life.

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